Welcome to Nevada's Adult Education Community website!

Nevada's Adult Education Community (NVAEC) functions as a state-wide meeting place for Nevada's AEFLA-funded programs. Please use this site to engage in open-ended discussions, ask questions of other educators in our programs, share lessons, network, and access multiple resources.

Although monthly focused questions will no longer be presented, I encourage each of you to post questions for discussion because our community members are our strongest resources. Ask questions and share what you know!

The Community Forum really is the heart of this site, and please don’t forget the link in the forum where you can "Ask Claudia" for resources, related research, and so forth. I will do my best to help you.

Beyond discussions, please use this site for whatever you wish because this is your website!

I truly hope that this site will become a heavily used, fast and easy way to connect with each other throughout the state. Through technology, we can interact as a cohesive adult education community providing support and kinship to one another.


Please feel free anytime to e-mail me ude.ccmt|acnaibc#ude.ccmt|acnaibc for any website content questions or problems.

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